Recognizing that drugs and alcohol can impair ability to perform duties in a safe way, KAMER MARINE has adopted the policy that no seafarer, whatever rank, will navigate the vessel, operate its equipment or perform assigned duty at any time while impaired by drugs or alcohol. 

Being unfit for work due to the use of drugs or alcohol gives grounds for employment termination.
The Company will not authorize the employment of any persons who are users of or have a recent record of the use of illegal drugs or have abused the use of prescribed drugs. Any crew member found in contravention of the Company's drug policy will be instantly dismissed and handed over to the appropriate authorities for prosecution. All are reminded that in certain countries possession of illegal drugs can result in the DEATH PENALTY.

KAMER MARINE prohibits the use by anybody onboard of any substance which is defined as narcotic and is illegal. Drugs used for medical reasons are allowed provided that sufficient evidence is presented to the master, his permission is given and any conditions he sets are carefully followed.

KAMER MARINE controls the acquisition and use of alcoholic substances and all medical supplies and prescribed medicines on board the managed vessels. The distribution or sale of alcoholic beverages on company vessels by any individual is not allowed.
Any person found to be in possession of or trafficking in illegal substance will be liable to immediate dismissal from the vessel.

This policy will be strictly enforced at all times both ashore and on board.