Company recognizes and accepts its responsibility to make every Endeavour to avoid pollution of the atmosphere, seas, rivers and waterways. The provisions of International and National Regulations relating to dumping of wastes and the International Convention of Pollution of the Sea by Oil will be complied with by all personnel.

Management will demonstrate through effective planning and training of personnel that the Company exercises a high degree of pollution prevention and that we operate our business in a proper and responsible manner.

Management will respond positively to recommendations for changes to policies, procedures or equipment in respect of environment protection. When exploring new business opportunities or methods, full account will be taken of potential environmental impact to ensure that this Policy is not compromised.

The commitment of all Company employees to high standards of environmental protection is mandatory.

Ship specific “Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plans” (SOPEP) have been developed and are implemented to assist ship’s personnel to stop or minimize the unexpected discharge of oil and to initiate its effect.