Company recognizes that its activities may involve potential hazards and it is the Company’s primary and continuing Policy to create so far as is reasonably practicable a safe and healthy environment for the benefit of its employees and clients.

Main aim is;

To establish and maintain safe, environmentally-sound working procedures and practices throughout its operation. To comply with all statutory requirements concerning Health and Safety.

To prevent accidents and to ensure that action is taken to avoid them through an efficient method of accident/incident reporting and investigation. The creation of active and participative ship board Safety Committees which are fully supported by Management.

To ensure that arrangements exist for joint consultation and exchange with all employees on Health and Safety matters and to encourage and promote effective participation by all employees in accident prevention.

To be effective this Policy must involve everyone. Consequently, all employees must co-operate with management in their endeavors to fulfill the aims of this Policy and take full     responsibility to work in a safe manner. They must not act, or omission knowingly endangers themselves or their colleagues.

The Company recognizes that effective communication, instruction and training, in Health and Safety accident prevention is an important part of this Policy